When my head is too full of static, I’ll put a guard on my electric clipper and take it to skin. My scalp, newly bared of the buffer that was my hair, then transmits and receives stray frequencies with greater clarity. 


A pensive futurist:

What is moving on when you don’t know where you were in the first place


Self obsession as a means to faith

Self Obsession as a means of understanding

Self-obsession on the rocks
                         on the level
                         on the road to Damascus

Repressing desire, not only for others but in oneself, being the cop for others and for oneself – that is what arouses, and it is not ideology, it is economy. Capitalism garners and possesses the force of the aim and the interest (power), but it feels a disinterested love for the absurd and nonpossessed force of the machine. Oh, to be sure, it is not for himself or his children that the capitalist works, but for the immortality of the system. A violence without purpose, a joy, a pure joy in feeling oneself a wheel in the machine, traversed by flows, broken by schizzes. Placing oneself in apposition where one is thus traversed, broken, fucked by the socius, looking for the right place where, according to the aims and the interests assigned to us, one feels something moving that has neither an interest nor a purpose. A sort of art for art’s sake in the libido, a taste for a job well done, each one in his own place, the banker, the cop, the soldier, the technocrat, the bureaucrat, and why not the worker, the trade-unionist. Desire is agape.
Stabbed and poked by my first girlfriend, the witchest Eva.

Stabbed and poked by my first girlfriend, the witchest Eva.


Light-Toned Layered Deposits, Noctis Labyrinthus

Birth of Thanaticism | Public Seminar

Thanaticism: a social order which subordinates the production of use values to the production of exchange value, to the point that the production of exchange value threatens to extinguish the conditions of existence of use value. That might do as a first approximation.