she had burned all her bridges and was high from the smell of the smoke


CM [Coline Milliard]: Is the way you work with photography also a process of sacralization?

JLM [Jean-Luc Moulène]: Of course. But what’s interesting is that photography has almost no weight. Photography is just a circulation of feelings, without the weight of the readymade. It changes things—it’s a system of metamorphosis.

The starting point, I think, is revolt.

Extinction Symbol. Dark Extropianism. Apocalyptic Witchcraft. Dark Mountain. Uncivilisation. In The Dust Of This Planet. Health Goth. Accelerationism. After Nature/Dark Ecology/Ecognosis. Early signals: The New Nihilism, Speculative Realism, Neoreaction, Occulture. Cusp: Toxic Internet. Post-Westphalian.

Not performance, but ecstasis.